About Us


Founded in 2014 - Y N M is a Dubai based ready-to-wear fashion label which specializes in simple, and elegantly refined contemporary hand-made garments that are entirely designed in house. Here at Y N M we believe in classical simplicity, minimal delicacy, and modern femininity.


Located in the heart of Dubai Design District, Y N M maintain to elevate the standard constantly. Taking up in a newly direction season after season to lit every woman's heart by each divine fondness. Each piece is carefully screened to ensure the necessary standard of artisanship, quality, and reliability. 

Each stage of the production process is closely and directly monitored: Starting with the color scheme, inspirations, procurement and importing international textiles, to hand sketching the entire embellishment patterns, followed by the final hand-stitching process by the designer a head of each production period. 

Who are we?

Yasmin Al Mulla | Creative Director

An International Relations graduate, certified by London College of Fashion, a freelance stylist and a fitness enthusiast. Yasmin believes that fashion is an art form that helps her portray and create specialized pieces according to her vision and direction, and by working at her own firm she gets to have boundless creative freedom in the art of of fashion design.


Nesreen Al Mulla | Managing Director 

An Electrical Engineer who believes that fashion and beauty are a necessity for each lady whatever her career may be. She also believes when working in the field of fashion one must strive to discover what is it that makes each person unique and capitalize on it by utilizing Y N M's business management skills to take the right decisions and explore any opportunities that would take the design firm to new directions.